Thursday, February 15, 2007

Labeling your projects

I realize that there might have been a lack of clarity on this topic.

As you all know, you can assign one or more labels to describe your project. We discussed the idea of using a "COMP 412" label so our class projects can be clearly identified. In looking at your projects I noticed that the labels comp412 and have both been used. May I suggest that we go with for consistency? It is trivial to make this change, and you are more than welcome to continue using comp412. I'd like all projects from our class to use the more precise label just in case another university is offering a COMP 412. I realize that this is unlikely but after nearly 3 years of offering this course, I noticed the other day that COMP 412 is being offered in LT 412. So there is no end to what coincidences are possible.

You can view this filter to see whether your project has the correct label. If your project does not show up in the list, it is likely that you did not use the label


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